Measure what foods & activity affect your body with a Continuous Glucose Monitor. No daily pricking

  • Compatibility: NFC connectivity is required to relay glucose data to the app, check if your phone is NFC compatible before making a purchase. Download the Actofit app, and check under the metabolism tab if your phone is compatible.
  • Integration: ACTOFIT integrates with leading health and fitness applications such as Google Fit, Strava, Apple Health, Oura, Garmin, FitBit, and many others.
  • Application: The FreeStyle Libre CGM sensor can be easily applied and stays on the back of your upper arm (tricep area) upto 14 days.
  • Real-time tracking: ACTOFIT uses a continuous glucose monitor (Freestyle Libre CGM) to provide intelligent nudges based on glucose biomarkers.
  • Diagnosis: Blood testing across 85+ metabolic Panel , Urine testing with M1 Health Strip over 10 parameters in 30 seconds , Facial BIOS anyone to measure a wide range of biomarkers using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop across 5 Parameters.
  • Food: ACTOFIT provides a food score to help you understand your food patterns and behaviours, helping you improve your relationship with food using glucose biomarkers through a FreeStyle Libre CGM.
  • Activity: ACTOFIT provides an activity-fueling score, that helps you gain insights into your exercise and workouts.
  • Nudges: ACTOFIT provides timely nudges to the user such as high glucose event and suggestions to take a walk for optimising their glucose levels.
  • Digital content: Get access to 5000+ hours of premium digital content with the world’s best athletes and psychologists.
  • Community: Learn from other BIOS, get access to the 2L+ BIOS army where you can discuss sustainable weight loss, reversing pre-diabetes or biohacking your fitness.
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