Health Assessment


Actofit Smartscale Enterprise app is best suited for dieticians, nutritionists, health clinics, gyms and fitness clubs, wherein database management becomes an uphill task. Now, create, store, organize and manage data points on your device. Use that to drive different revenue streams in your business.

  • Data Driven Advise: Stay ahead of the curve by using real data points across 15 body composition metrics to base your advise on.
  • Share Data: Allow your clients to access to their data anytime, anywhere. Share their progress on every visit.
  • Automated Reports: Your client’s body compositions are auto-populated based on the date of reading, allowing you to see & compare progress anytime.
  • Never Lose Data: With data stored on cloud, always stay on top of your records and lists.
  • Track Client Records: Find any client’s record by searching the database simply using client mail id.
  • Graphical Analysis: Graphical illustration of historical progress of each member allows easy viewing, tracking & sharing
  • Secure and Reliable: Data transmission is end to end secure to warrant patient confidentiality.
  • Save Time: Find any client’s record, anytime, by searching the database with just the clients email.
  • Rich API Integration: All the services can be used on the Actofit Dashboard or integrated with any existing CRM solution using our APIs.
  • Affordable Pricing: All of this comes at a price that doesn’t pinch your pocket. Make the world a healthier place!
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